Aug 2, 2023

Almost Home ~ August 2nd

 The best journey takes you home...

We are just a short flight away from being home, and 
yes, I will say it again.  I am happy to be home and to be back
 in the USA.  So looking forward to seeing my Sniff-Sniff.

Looking forward to good food and delicious tropical 
drinks as well.  We had good food in Norway, but does 
my taste lies with the flavors found here in the USA 😂

It's been a great adventure.  Everything I hoped for.  
But it's time to go home to my Sniff-Sniff.  Thank you everyone
 for a great time in Norway.  As always we have made beautiful 
memories to last a lifetime.  Until we meet again 💛

They say do what makes you happy.  
I'm going home.  I'm happy...