Aug 7, 2023

Monday, New Week Begins ~

The week is yours.  Own it.  Hard work, stay positive, make it happen...

 As the new week begins, it seems as if we have been on the 
go from the minute we got to Missouri.  Arvid has done most of the 
"running" around work whereas I have been doing the other things 
necessary to ensure that Almost Home runs smoothly.  Once
 again we are hiring, and my ad has had a lot of response.

Sniff is super happy we are home.  Just like we are.  
He never leaves our sight and continues to sleep on the 
bed with us.  He's afraid we might be gone again.

Back in Norway, Loffen is missed everyday, but some days
 it's even harder, especially when a little memory pops up.  

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.  Arvid and I have 
quite a few things to take care of.  Busy again and it feels good.
  What can I say?  Busy is our lifestyle 😂 be it good or bad.

Monday is the day that opens
 up the week for many opportunities...