Aug 8, 2023

Tuesday ~

Every day, I like to wake up and remind
 myself to be grateful of the simple things...

 A few days before getting back home to Missouri, there was
a tornado.  It did affect parts of Branson.  Our neighborhood did pretty
 well considering.  There was power outage and many fallen trees.  Debris 
all over the place, and a BIG rock ended up in our backyard.  

The storm blew off the roof of the Yakov Theater, and this 
is just around the corner from us.  Yakov is a main Branson attraction.

In the meantime here at home, Sniff is still occupying
 my seat.  We share it during breakfast, more like he shares 
with me.  At lunch I have to move him to his bed.

Yesterday someone went to the doctor.  Just his yearly check up. 
 As always, he was not happy about it, but everything went
 well and our Sniff is healthy.  All is all was a good day.

Sniff gained one pound since his last vet visit in 2022.  The doctor 
called him obese, and said he needs to watch his calories otherwise
 he may be a candidate for diabetes.  My Sniff has to go on a diet.  

Our life is the sum total of all the decisions we make every day, 
and those decisions are determined by our priorities...