Aug 18, 2023

Friday August 18th~

Happiness will never come to those who fail
 to appreciate that which they already have...

 On Fridays we like to take off a little in the early afternoon 
and just sit somewhere by the water and enjoy some quiet time 
and some adult beverages.  Hoping this Friday will be so.  We 
will be back at Almost Home, but not the entire day.

My wildlife showed up early today.  They are all eating right 
now and giving me looks that tells me they trust me and know I 
would never harm them.  Wish I could say the same about others.

Once again we begin our day with cooler temperatures. 
 Loving it.  Wishing everyone a happy day and may your weekend 
be filled with adventure and new discoveries.  Life life to
 the fullest, no matter what you do, where you are.  

With our thoughts we make the world...