Aug 16, 2023

Wednesday August 16th ~

Sunshine and smiles all around.
Life is better under a clear blue sky...

 Yesterday we were at Almost Home.  Not a bad day.  I walked 
around the property, and made mental notes of all that has been 
neglected or not done while Arvid and I have been away, and
 of course, all that was done. Our office manager is doing 
an excellent job, but her back up, the maintenance man 
was not.  Things will soon start to change again.

I always enjoy talking to the tenants/now friends as well. One of my 
favorite is Mary.  She's always on the go with her best friend BabyGirl. 
 Seeing them every time I'm there always makes me very happy.

Sniff is back to sleeping on his own.  No bad weather 
so all good for all of us.  Today I have a few things to do so not 
sure if I will be going into AHL, but Arvid is going to be there.  
We're getting the place ready for next week's inspection.

Good day to all.  Waking up to another beautiful day here 
in Branson, MO.  Enjoying these cooler temperatures.

I don't care how cloudy it gets, I'm 
still going to see the bright side of things...