Aug 6, 2023

Sunday ~

Your mind will answer most questions if 
you learn to relax and wait for the answer... 

This mornings sunrise captured with two different 
cameras.  The middle is with my IPhone 13Pro Max 
and the tow others with my Canon PowerShot.

 A beautiful day awaits us.  Yesterday Arvid said to me,
 "let's go out just the tow of us, it's been so long we had alone"  
It was a nice and quiet outing.  We enjoyed the views and
some delicious adult drinks.  Nice and peaceful outing.

Today we plan on not doing any Almost Home work. 
 That's the plan and we hope to stick to it.  Happy Sunday 
everyone.  It's good to be home again.  Home is Sniff.

I still find it almost impossible to
 relax for more than one day at a time....