Aug 20, 2023

Sunday August 20th~

Slow down, and everything you are
 chasing will come around and catch you..

 August is just about over.  This month sure went by fast.
  Once we got back home, it seems we have been on a constant move.  
Almost Home sure keeps us busy, the good thing is that the days go by fast,
 and by night we are tired.  Arvid works non-stop.  More than anyone 
I know.  It's no wonder that once he sits, he's gone to the world.
Sniff sees Arvid tired and he gets tired also, so he snoozes.

Today it's foggy temperatures are still moderate, but it 
promises to be another scorching week.  Yesterday was HOT!!

I am looking out the window that faces the side of the 
house and what do I see but one of "my" squirrels high up
 nibbling on the peanuts I feed them.  He's having quite 
a good time, with no one to bother him (but me).

good morning everyone.  Sunday, and the day if filled 
with soccer for Arvid.  No work today so we are feeling 
relaxed and ready for whatever the day holds.

Loafing needs no explanation and is its own excuse...