Aug 2, 2023

Summer In Norway Is Over ~

Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is about...

After all is said and done, this has been a very good summer. 
 We enjoyed many good times with family, but most of all we
 bonded even more with our granddaughters.  For me because of 
the language barrier it's a little more difficult to communicate, but
 as the girls get older their English flows more freely.  I love it. 

As always no summer is complete without a trip to Victoria and Michael's
 home.  It is always a beautiful visual experience from the minute you step
 into their home.  Definitely one of the best times I have in Norway.  
Victoria does everything in style up to the last detail.  I love it.

Not to forget a "tradition" that has been going on for years.  On our last
 evening we all gather at Michelle and Emil's home for a home cooked
 Norwegian meal.  Michelle makes something called Bollefrikassé
 (Meatball Fricassée), an old Norwegian traditional dish.   Everyone 
loves it except for Victoria and I.  We eat chicken that day 😀

We may not have had the best weather for a summer, 
but it was still good.  Our days were cooler, and not having 
A/C made sleeping better at nights.  We had many a days
 with black skies, which in its own was quite stunning.

We also had the opportunity to go to Løvøya.  Løvøya is a 
peninsula, situated in the Oslofjord just north of Horten in Vestfold 
county, in beautiful and spacious surroundings, about an hour's drive south
 of Oslo. Løvøya lies in a sheltered, lush part of the Oslofjord coast line.

We have enjoyed our one yearly soft ice-cream.  It sure 
was yummy.  We have the same in the USA, but I make believe 
that It's only in Norway you can get it.  For Arvid's sake, and we 
have done the Horten "tour" like every year I've been coming.

Part of our summer vacation in Norway took us to
 Poland and Sweden.  Both places had their charm and 
in both we had some very good times with family.

Seeing and holding little Amelia for the first time was absolutely 
delicious.  I love her and I was so happy when she saw me at
 the mall and ran to me.  My heart was full.  My heart is 
full with loving them all, an knowing they love us.

One of my most memorable evenings was our trip to The Pub,
 (Saxon King)  Arvid, myself, Victoria and Michael, Michelle and Emil. 
 They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well what happened in
 the pub stays in the pub.  All I will say is that it was a magical evening.

Overall it has been a very good summer.  We saw a little of 
everyone and a lot of the kids.  We made beautiful and lasting 
memories.  This summer has been magical for me.  Vanessa 
called me grandma (bestemor) several times and she even
 told Amelia that I was bestemor.  That is the absolute best. 

 Aleah and Vanessa both spoke to me in English, and I
 to them in the little Norwegian I know.  I loved every moment
 and look forward to next time where the language will 
not be such a big barrier between us.

Summer in Norway may be over, and yes we are going home,
 but the memories made will forever stay with me 💖

Thank you for the good times, the days you 
filled  with pleasure. Thank you for the fond memories,
 and for feelings I'll always treasure...