Aug 30, 2023

A Branson Attraction ~ Wednesday August 30th

Sometimes the most scenic roads in life
 are the detours you didn't mean to take...

The Branson Scenic railway is a daytime Excursion Train, 
March through November.  We have not been on it as yet, but 
something to consider.  Now we just need to have the time to do it.

You can enjoy a three-course candlelight dinner where the guests 
are treated to traditional-style dining that was the ultimate experience 
long ago when riding the rails.  The Dinner Train departs Branson
 at 5 p.m. each Saturday and runs April through October.

Branson Scenic Railway is "The Polar Express" after dark,
 November and December. Branson Scenic Railway

If you make it to Branson one day, consider taking the Scenic Route.

On a not too happy note, Florida once again
 is getting ready to be hit by another hurricane.  As all
 Floridians know, ALWAYS PREPARE FOR THE 

And just like that a new day begins.  Sniff of course is on
 my chair.  As usual we will be sharing the same chair for breakfast. 
 Sniff takes up more than half, but it's Sniff so all's good.

Because the greatest part of a road trip
 isn’t arriving at your destination...