Aug 4, 2023

Friday August 4th~

Life is just a lot of everyday adventures...

 On our way back home from Norway we had a stopover
 in NY at JFK.  The layover was not long enough so Arvid and
 I decided to just wait it out at the airport.  We stayed at the TWA 
hotel at JFK.  More like in one of their many "resting" areas.  

That night there was a beautiful full moon and the place was still
 "alive" even though it was the wee hours of the morning.

Arvid and I were exhausted, but it did not stop us from taking care of
 business as in Almost Home and our personal stuff.  It seems that we 
are picking up right where we left off before going to Norway.

Here at home Sniff follows us everywhere.  He thinks we may
 leave him again, and when he does not see one of us he starts to cry. 
 Yesterday morning I was not able to sit and have breakfast.  Sniff took
 my chair and I did not move him.  Same happened at lunch time, but 
then I moved him to a bed that was close to us, so that he could see us.

It really feels good to be home.  I've missed home so much.  I look
 at Sniff sleeping so peacefully and I'm happy.  To my surprise, I found 
out that my cousin and his girlfriend are currently in Norway.  I am sure
 they would love Norway for it is a beautiful and scenic country.

The past is where you learned the lesson.
The future is where you apply the lesson...