Aug 14, 2023

Monday August 14th~

 Don't let anyone work harder than you do...

Once again the days are going by fast.  Way too fast.  Pretty soon 
we will be going back to Florida.  Happy about that, but at the 
same time I am already missing my little wildlife friends.  

Sniff was almost back to "normal" but then last night we 
had another bout of bad weather.  Really bad thunderstorms,
 lightning and thunder.  Once again he's scared.  When Sniff is 
scared he seeks comfort with Arvid, and Arvid never fails him.

The week has begun beautifully already.  I've had my cafe, 
Sniff has been brushed and fed as has the wildlife.  Arvid 
still in bed.  All is calm and quiet in my world for now.

What the week holds I don't know as yet, but that it 
involves Almost Home that I do know.  Happy new week 
all and may it be a good and productive one for us all.

Life is like a box of chocolates. 
You never know what you're gonna get...