Aug 31, 2023

Thursday August 31st~

It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal...

 Yesterday I saw the black kitty again.  He first appeared in 
our backyard about two weeks ago.  I fed him then and did 
the same yesterday.  He's really cautious and only allows you 
to get withing a certain distance of him before he takes off.  
Yesterday he was in the front of our home just looking.

I have not been to Almost Home since last Wednesday.  
Arvid on the other hand is there quite often. Our office manager 
has everything it under control and that makes me happy.  

Thanks to our tenants Ralph and Andrew I have 
enjoyed many a delicious tomatoes this summer.  All from
 the garden at Almost Home.  Thank you Andrew.

I'm still a bit confused and shocked at the loss of a beautiful 
friendship.  I replay the events that led up to this, and  I just don't
 get it.  But as someone always says to me, "the circle of life."  

On Thursdays I do not cook.  Arvid and I go out for lunch.
  Makes for a nice change mid week.  Sniff is happy to have us all to 
himself again.  He does what he does best.  Be cute all the time.

 Let us all remember that being happy for others is not a bad 
thing even when your own life may be falling apart.  As long
 as you are envious of others, you will never know peace. 

Wishing everyone a day filled with peace and happiness. 

You cannot share your life with a dog… or a cat, 
and not know perfectly well that animals have 
personalities and minds and feelings...