Mar 31, 2020

March 31st ~ Life Is Changing Everyday

Grief is in two parts.  The first is the loss. 
The second is the remaking of life...

Saying farewell to a loved one.  Today because of  
this virus pandemic many cannot say their final goodbyes
 to loved one.  You can see them through glass,
 but you cannot give them one last hug.

This family had a death of a loved one.  Because of the
 virus they were unable to say goodbye or have a funeral.  
They did the best under the circumstances.  It was a farewell
 by the river.  Red roses were scattered and something 
was read from a book.  I am guessing the Bible.

As we did our walk yesterday afternoon, we came
 across the roses floating along the river.  I stopped and
 for a moment I was very sad thinking of what's happening
 today.  I can't imagine not hugging the ones I love one
 last time.  This family did not have that chance.

Life goes on.  Little differently that what we are used to.

Everything is still.  It seems as if life just came to a halt.  Eerie.

Our neighbor is in New York.  She was supposed 
to be home over a month ago, but unfortunately 
she fell, broke her pelvis, and now because
 of the virus cannot get back home.

From her home she saw the US Navy Hospital Ship
 along the Hudson River as it made it's way to be docked in
 New York City, the epicenter of the US coronavirus outbreak. 
 These are a few of the pictures she sent to me.  Impressive.

This ship has 12 fully- equipped operating rooms 
and 1,000 hospital beds on board.  Help is here.

Happy news today: pet adoptions are way
up amid coronavirus crisis, even with shelters
closed to the public.  I just hope that after this
crisis people do not give up their pets🙏

Back to basics is not so bad at all.  Hours on the balcony.
 Long walks, and drives.  Pretty relaxing and quite enjoyable. 
Life is full of surprises and you never know where
 it will take you and who will cross your path.

Uncertainty is life's way of saying that there
 are only a few things you can control...