Mar 13, 2020

Friday ~

Don't be afraid of being scared. To be afraid 
is a sign of common sense. Only complete
 idiots are not afraid of anything...

This Coronavirus is sure wrecking havoc in 
everyone's life.  Reshma is in Australia on a study program 
for one semester, now the university here in the US 
wants all students to return back home. 

Reshma's stay in Australia is probably coming to an end.
In the meantime she just ran a 3K for charity.

Our nephew J was supposed to travel to Europe in
 the next week.  You guessed it.  Flight cancelled.  People 
are panicked and though I agree we should be cautious,
 I think the media is scaring us all to death.  Not good.

Here at home Arvid, Sniff and I are staying low keyed.
Have not gone out much since coming from Puerto Rico.
I can feel the start of boredom setting in.  NO bueno.

The days are beautiful.  Not too many people
 out yesterday as we went for a walk.  Either they are 
scared and staying put indoors, or it was just too warm.
  Either way, it was a beautiful afternoon for a walk.

Arvid and I are still enjoying coffee/tea on the balcony. 
One thing that has not been affected is our view.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Friday.  
Where there is love there is life.

Bad things happen whether you're scared 
or not,  so you might as well not bother 
being scared. It's a waste of time...