Mar 30, 2020

New Week Begins ~ March 30th

The most beautiful way to start and 
end each day is with a grateful heart...

My faith in Arvid has been restored 😍.  We had take-out
 yesterday and he did not make much of a fuss about it.  As
 usual he waited in the car as I went to pick it up.  He will
 not get close to anyone.  Says he might catch the virus πŸ™Š
There he is waiting in the car as I go in the restaurant.

Sundays are now becoming take-out days.  Hopefully 
take-out will not end as well.  Right now in Boston many places
 serving take-out no longer do.  Even that is not an option.

Aside from that we drove along the beach.  It was 
very strange to see no one on the beck.  We did see many 
riding bicycles and walking, but the beach is blocked off by
 yellow tape, cones and the presence of police everywhere.

We cannot complain.  There are so many people 
who have it so much worse.  My heart is in Branson and all 
the people at Almost Home.  They are in desperate need, 
I really wish I was there and could do a little more.

Once busy road and streets are now quiet.  The world is 
definitely changing before our very eyes.  Hopefully at the
 end of this virus, it will be a better world we live in.  The 
sacrifices being made today hopefully will not be in vain.

Another week in in isolation begins, but we are 
healthy, we have each other and we have what we need. 
Like everyone, we make the best of the situation. 
 Today tell me, what are you grateful for?

I'm happy because the other day Arvid gave in, and decided it was
 OK to have hot chocolate even though it is not cold.  It took a 
little convincing from me, but he usually see's the light.
It's the simple things in life that brings most joy.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.
Be grateful, enjoy the little things...