Mar 24, 2020

Home Isolation Continues ~ March 24th

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are 
looking at the stars. The positive thinker sees the invisible, 
feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible...

I never thought we would be going to the grocery store 
and make a line in order to buy toilet paper.  Exactly what 
we did yesterday mornings  Publix opened at 8:00 am 
and we were there together with others waiting in line.
  Social distancing was definitely practiced at all times.  

Early mornings, always a good way to start the day.  
Publix was not that busy at that hour, and whoever 
was there was keeping their distance.  A fight almost 
broke out over someone getting too close to another.

This is what some of the shelves and freezer look like.

 I have no clue what's going on and why this frenzy.

I do miss some of the frozen vegetables, fortunately we 
still have a full stock of the fresh vegetables.  Not all is bad.

The above is the coffee aisle.  
Hmmm.. should I panic 😕?

America's grocery store workers are on the
 front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, helping to
 keep the nation's 330 million residents alive and fed
 in an uncertain and frightening time.

Publix like several other stores are placing limits 
on the amounts of items a customer can buy
 so that the the highest number of customers
 receive those items they need.

At Target in Fort Lauderdale, people have bought
 out all the cold and cough medicine as well
 as all paper items.   People are scared now.

With all that's going on, there is always something good 
to come out of it.  Pollution is less.  I read somewhere that the
 canals in Venice have blue clear waters once again.  

The environment is less polluted and people have to
 spend time talking to each other.  Yes, in every 
situation there is always something positive.

Though we are getting restless with this "isolation", 
we have found the time to do little things which on a
 "normal" day we would be too "busy" to even consider.

We are fortunate to have a balcony with an amazing view. 
 Kills some of this boredom period.  We always 
have something to see.  Keeps us busy.

Wishing everyone a happy day.  Always try to see
the positive side in each situation.  My role model 
right now in positivity is my sister Narima.  

She's full of good vibes and good energy that she transmits
 to all those who know her.  Love her like crazy. 
 My little sister far away in California

A positive attitude can recreate your reality.
Positive thinking must be followed by positive doing...