Mar 26, 2020

March 26th ~ Isolation Continues...

Hop on the phone, FaceTime, text, Slack, 
Google Hangout. We fortunately live in a time 
where there are many options to choose
 from to stay connected via technology...

No more Jungle Queen passing along the River.
This was one of it's "last" trips before everything
 was shutdown.  Hopefully soon "normal"
 life will be here again for all of us.

Even with the shutdown of "normal" coming and
 goings, there is still beauty all around us.  We just
have to look for it, for it's right in front of us.

I am enjoying seeing all the doggies out.  Having
long walks.Having quality time with their family, even
if sometimes the family is busy doing other things.

No matter what is happening in life,
 it seems like no one can really stay far from
their phones.  I include myself as well 😭.

With lots of time on our hands, I have been looking
 back at some of the different things Arvid and I have done.
 Places we have been.  Everyone holds a special memory
 and place in my heart.  Below are pictures of us
in Mexico.  An amazing time in our lives.

Every place we have been and everything we have
done has made us stronger and more connected.  Not
all has always been good, but it only made us more
determined to get it right.  Everyday is our promise
 to each other to always keep striving for more.

Good morning all.  How is your day so far?

Acknowledging the good that you already have in
 your life is the foundation for all abundance...