Mar 20, 2020

Hunkering Down On This Friday ~

A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart...

No matter what you/we do, and right now there
is not much one can do aside from staying in.  I am 
starting to feel the beginning of restlessness.

Like just about most places, everything is closed. 
 Restaurants are still doing take-out and delivery as of 
right now.  We are not venturing out to any as of right now, 
but who knows.  Take out right now sounds pretty good.

Yesterday we ordered Pizza.  Not an unusual thing, 
but because of the lock down it was quite a daring thing 
for Arvid to do.  Pizza never tasted this good.

More long walks for us.  Extra time on the balcony.
These are all good things, but I wonder how long before
 I go completely restless.  The weather has been spectacular,
 so sitting out on the balcony has been enjoyable.  Not hot
nor humid so far.  According to Arvid it's coming😠.

Both Arvid and I are stocked up with some of our
 favorite drinks.  One has to make this staying home as
 pleasant as possible.  For me a tropical adult beverage is a
good start. And thankfully I have quite a bit in the freezer.

Lockdown or no lockdown.  Life goes on and
for many it is a very terrible time; many have been laid off.
  Many of the people I care for in Branson are having
hardships.  Just like people all over the world.

Like everyone, we just have to wait and hope that
this virus goes away fast and without too may
 casualties.  There sure has been enough.

Easier said than done, but here it goes anyway:
Always end the day with a positive thought.
 No matter how hard things were, tomorrow
 is a fresh opportunity to make it better

But you will admit that it is a very good thing
to be alive. Whatever the mind of man can
 conceive and believe, it can achieve...