Mar 29, 2020

Sunday March 29th~ Coronavirus Times

Life has changed, and I am changing with it...

So the media has made this into a real circus,
 and yes we are doing our part to stay away from 
everything and everyone.  Even so, the hype is sure wearing
 me out.  And no, I am not taking it lightly.  I have never
 experienced anything similar to what's happening
 right now, and I hope and pray I never will.

Life as we knew it suddenly no longer is.
 People are terrified of their neighbors. Yes, 
terrified of catching the virus.  

Take Arvid for instance.  He claims he holds 
his breath when he has to be close to or has to pass
 close by to another person.  That's a little crazy.

As you can see the roads are empty of cars. 
 There is no problem following the social distancing 
protocol we we go for our walks.  It's eerie to see 
almost no one around.  It's just not "normal" but 
what is "normal" today's world anyways?

Currently Port Everglades is caught in a dilemma.  
The question is what is considered the right thing to do?

If you let the ship dock, you expose the population to the 
virus, on the other hand if you don't you "watch" them die.  

So what do you do?  I know what I would do.
I would try to save every last person, even knowing 
I would put myself at risk.  Is that the wisest thing?  I don't
 know, but then how do I live with myself afterwards,
 knowing I could have helped and did nothing?

Good morning everyone.  We are all living through 
something we never imagined.  Hope the liquor cabinet 
is stocked, if not now would be a good time before that shuts 
down as well.  Stay safe, stay calm and stay positive.

Life is about change.  Sometimes it's beautiful. 
Sometimes it's painful.  But most of the time it's both.  
Life has no remote.  Get up and change it yourself...