Mar 11, 2020

Home Again ~. 😊

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude..

Home again and it feels good.  Home is where I
 love best. On the other hand, being in Puerto Rico feels 
a little like home as well.  All that's missing is Sniff.
  Arvid already knows his way around the island.

With all the hype going on around the Coronavirus,
 Arvid kinda casually said to me, "maybe we should move
 to Puerto Rico until all of this goes away."  Yeah, he
sure has a "solution" to everything.  Gotta love him.

I'm sure missing those Pina Coladas.  Coming back
 home I believe I got the flu. At least I think I have the flu. 
 Not the worse, but I am not feeling so great. And no
 it's not the virus, although everyone will be fast
 to jump to that conclusion.  Que sera sera.

Back home Sniff is a happy little dude.  I missed him
so much.  March 7th was 4 years now since we have 
had the little dude with us.  He makes me happy and
 for that I am grateful. I have exactly what I need.

Coming back home to a few sprinkles.  We had 
quite a bit of that this time in Puerto Rico.  Good morning
all.  Wishing you a day filled with happy thoughts.😃

Life takes you to unexpected
 places Love brings you home...