Mar 8, 2020

Puerto Rico ~

Some people come into our lives and they move our 
souls to sing and make our spirits dance. They help us to
 see that everything on earth is part of the incredibility of life,
and that it is always there for us to take of its joy. Some
 people come into our lives and leave footprints on 
our hearts and we are never ever the same...

Nothing better than to start the day with a leisure walk on the beach. 
Strange, we live in Fort Lauderdale and we never go to the beach.

An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease.

Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints.

We all leave footprints as we journey through life
make sure yours are worth following.

 After all is said and done, I look forward to going back 
home to Sniff.  I miss his little face.  I miss my mornings 
with him and I know he must be missing us very much.  
Mama loves you and we will be home soon with you.

Happy day because we finally get to 
see my sister Nirvana, and take her out to lunch.

Good morning to all from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.
You can't leave footprints in the sands of time while sitting down.

Everybody has to look at his or her own footprint 
and do the best they can. It's not about being perfect,
 it's about doing something. If we're looking for 
perfection, we'll never, ever get there...