Mar 18, 2020

Wednesday ~

Always remember, your focus determines your reality....

For now Reshma has opted to stay in Australia. 
 So far where she is all seems OK.  I just hope
 this continues to be so.  Though I don't see her
 much, I miss having her home in the USA.  

Somehow it feels closer and I know she's home. 
 Mala misses her a lot as do the rest of her family.
In the meantime, she's loving her life in Australia.

This Coronavirus has affected everyone's life in
 more ways than one can imagine.  Many have to cut 
short their travels and return home earlier than planned. 

 This is the case for Victoria and Michael.  They are
 returning one week before planned to Norway.  As we all
 know, Norway like so many countries is also on lock down.

Here at home we spend long times on the balcony.
I read a little more than usual, and that's saying a lot.
We watch more TV and have more together time.

We spend extra time watching the sunsets.
This for me is always a pleasure and it makes me happy.
 I try not to get up as early, but sometimes it just can't be helped.
  Our days have a good vibe after our balcony time.

Sniff's happy, relaxed and doing well. After all
is said and done, life is good and we are grateful.

Gratitude helps me focus on what I have 
instead of what I don't have, allowing me to stay
 focused on my blessings instead of worrying