Mar 16, 2020

New Week Begins ~

Don't believe everything you read on the Internet
 or everything you hear on the news just because 
there is a picture with a quote next to it...

Once again the news media is wrecking havoc 
in lives.  Like most we, especially Arvid watches
 the news everyday. Maybe not so good right now.

 Now with this Coronavirus going on 😠, it's all they talk
 about.  Last night we were "lucky" to catch the part where
 the news reporters were strongly encouraging people
 to not eat in restaurants.  Of course, at the end
 of the day the choice is always ours.

Yesterday was probably the last outing we will be
 having for weeks to come.  We had lunch with
Victoria and Michael.  It was a very good time.
Beautiful scenery and good company.

Spring break in Florida may not be "officially"
cancelled due to this virus, but with all the restrictions
 and curfews, it may as well be, but as the news
 reported, "one can always wait to drink and
party another time.  Best to be safe."

Here at home Sniff is on permanent Spring Break.
He sleeps, he plays, he suns and he gets lots of brushing
and loving from us.  He also stays updated together with us
on the news.  Sniff does not buy into all this hype either.

Our day begins early again.  Not really by choice,
 but it is what it is. The next days will be long days,
especially when we have told ourselves that we will be
staying in and only going our when needed.  Arvid says it
will be worse for me because I am too restless.  He's right

Last night Brutus was so present in my mind.  He's
never far, but last night I vividly thought of him, and of his
last night at home with us.  He snuggled up to me that night
 and together the 3 of us slept soundly on the bed.  The next
morning we took him to the vet.  The next day he died.
The picture below was taken November 3rd 2015.

Brutus died November 5th 2015.  He took my heart.

To all a great week ahead.  Remember to follow
all precautions and stay safe.  The media may
 be hyping us all up about this virus, but
 it never hurts to be on the safe side.

Life offers you so many doors, it is up to
 you which to open and which one to close...