Mar 22, 2020

Sunday Vibes ~

Every day may not be good, but 
there is something good in every day...

A little too early for this, but allergies kicked in 
and so began the sneezing.  Better to get out of bed
 than to wake Arvid up.  He needs his beauty sleep. 

 Sniff and I in the meantime have had time together.  
He was brushed, fed, played with and photographed. 
 He's already back in bed.  Where I should be as well.

I wonder what our day hold.  Right, we are going to 
be housebound.  Lots of balcony time, TV and walks.
  We do not use the pool or hot tub anymore.  At least 
not until the virus situation is under control.

From our balcony you see just about everything.

Yesterday there was a photo shoot.  We saw the 
neighbors trying to grill their dinner.  That didn't turn
 out so great.  The entire meal caught on fire.

There is always the party boat with the girls.  
Girls do not like to obey rules.  There will be fun
 no matter what, and damm the consequences. 
 At least one girl had on a face mask πŸ™ˆ

Every morning we see our neighbors in the building 
across from us.  Arvid has a story surrounding them 
and he calls them Robe. Most of the times they are
both in their bath robes.  We stay entertained.

So far we have been able to fill the days without getting
 really bored.  We are used to being out and about and 
this self imposed quarantine is definitely interfering 
with our way of life.  Just like it is with everyone's πŸ˜…

Like everyone, we make the most of it.  More drinking,😎 🍹
more eating πŸ₯˜and more quality time together.  If we stop and
 think about it, it may really do us all good to spend time
 with each other and actually talk to one another 😍.

Good morning everyone.  Still early here in Fort Lauderdale.
  Everything is quiet.  Sniff is back in bed and together with
 Arvid, both fast asleep.  I hear their soft breathing
 All's good here.  Happy Sunday everyone.

If everything was perfect, you would
 never learn and you would never grow..