Mar 28, 2020

Saturday March 27th ~

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
And I think to myself what a wonderful world...

Humor always makes everything seem better. 
At least for a short while.  One is transported from a bleak 
situation to something "better"  Laughing and smiling 
frequently alleviates some of life's stresses.

I saw the above posted on Facebook.  It made both
 Arvid and I smile.  Hope it does the same for you.

Today my reminiscing take me back to California 
and time with Rima and family.  I miss them very much. 
 California right now seems so very far.  Everywhere 
seems far when you literally can't leave your home.

We all have our ways of coping with the current 
situation.  For us it's the balcony.  For Rima its her 
tropical outdoors and the sound of the birds chirping
 away.  Life is what we make of it after all.

In Australia Reshma is enjoying what time she has left. 
 It is now mandatory that she returns home to the USA. 
 Right now she is OK with that.  All things considered. 
 For now she still has some time left to live her down
 under adventure, which she is doing quite well๐Ÿ˜.

In Norway our granddaughters are spending lots of 
time riding their bicycles.  Vanessa the youngest, learnt 
how to ride hers.  Something good in every situation.

Sniff as always is relaxed.  He does different things 
at different times of the day.  By 4 in the afternoon he is 
sunning.  He loves the sun.  He's a Florida boy after all.

As Arvid did with Brutus, he now is doing some 
of the same with Sniff.  Just a few days ago, Sniff was 
not doing so good.  Not eating and just sneezing. 

 Arvid went on his knees. by Sniff's food bowl and 
sang to him.  Like Brutus used to do, Sniff ate some
 foodies.  Was a beautiful moment.  For us it was.

A beautiful day here again, only difference is we
cannot go out of our homes, even so we are enjoying
people watching from our balcony.  We are grateful because
 unlike many, we keep ourselves busy with little
 things to do while enjoying a pretty view.

There is always hope, even when you are at the
 lowest point of your life.  Keep believing.
 Whatever you are be a good one...