Mar 12, 2020

Life ~

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough...

Still have the flu like symptoms.  Not scared. 
 Not as yet.  Arvid and I are trying to not go out in 
public too much.  At least as little as possible. And
we do wash our hands as much as possible.  I even got 
us our own brush for scrubbing under our nail bed.

I did go to the store to stock up on cleaning supplies, and
 to my surprise everything was almost gone from the shelves.
  I also went to Whole Foods to stock up on bread for Arvid.
 His main concern was that he would not have enough bread
for breakfast due to this virus.  Yes, you gotta love him.

I feel congested and it feels like my head will
split open at times. I do not think it’s the virus, but as
 we were coming from the airport the other day
 I sneezed in the taxi ride home. Mistake.

 The taxi driver opened all the windows and drove
that car like he stole it.  The first time we got home
so fast from the airport.   Was happy for that.

Yes everyone is in a panic and I am terrified
to sneeze around people or to cough.  I guess
I would also freak out if I were them. 

Being home is OK until it becomes a must. Then it
 gets boring. All the things you think you can, and
should do are the same things you don’t want to do.
That’s how I feel.  If I don’t feel better in a few
days I will consider going to the doctor.

Too bad because now I can’t see Victoria, Michael
nor J. Afraid we might give them something.  Arvid
only gets the sniffles every so often and a sneeze here
 and there.  I’m a little worse off but not crazy bad.

Arvid does not want to eat out. Says too many people
 touching everything. I am cautious but maybe a little
more lenient towards going out.  You gotta your live.

All is good here.  Weather is looking great.  A few
morning sprinkles, but the rest of the day will be dry
and sunny.  Much better right now that PR, where
 they are having lots of rain due to a tropical storm. 

In this life we cannot do great things. We can 
only do small things with great love.

You either live a life of love, or a life of fear. 
The life of fear is the easiest one because you don’t risk
 anything. You simply protect. The toughest one is the
 life of love because you risk more. You give
 all you’ve got. The choice is yours...