Mar 9, 2020

Puerto Rico ~Monday

Life can only be understood backwards;
 but it must be lived forwards...

It's always a good day/time when I can enjoy cafe
 with my sister.  Sisters share a bond that is forever.  I know
 I share that with my four sisters and any chance I get to see 
them, I am happy.  Arvid and Nirvana are good together.

We later ended up going to lunch.  A favorite place of Arvid's
and mine in Condado.  As always the food was excellent.
 So far we have not had anything we did not like.  We like
 simple places with simple authentic Puerto Rican food.

We have had way too many Pina Coladas.
 With Nirvana and on our own.  Time to go back to
 just water.   Vacation is soon over.  Always sad to
 leave Puerto Rico, because my sister is here.

Puerto Rico will always be special to me.  It is where I
grew up.  It is where the the kindest people in the world live.
Puerto Rico is where my niece and nephew were born, as was
Rima, my sister.  Puerto Rico is also home to Nirvana, sister.

Good morning from Puerto Rico, Isle of Enchantment.

As always it has been a good time here in Puerto Rico,
 but I am so ready to see that little face of my Sniff Sniff.

Let's make this an amazing day.

Monday is the perfect day to correct last week's mistakes...