Dec 22, 2020

A Yearly Tradition ~

The happiest time of the year is upon us...

Every December around the 22nd or 23rd in Norway Victoria 
and Michael go to her grandfathers's grave (Arvid's dad)
 and that of her grandmother (mom's mother.)  There they 
light a candle and she always includes me in wishing 
him a Merry Christmas.  Thank you Victoria.

This year they may be going there today.  At the
 same time they visit Arvid's mom, her grandma and 
her sister Michelle and family.  Every year I look forward 
to a little token of that visit to her grandfather's grave.
This is 2020 so nothing is the way it should be.

My heart is full because though I do not have children,
 there are two girls in Norway whom I would do anything for. 
 For they are Arvid's daughters, they accepted me, and we are
 friends.  For that I am truly grateful and always blessed.

The traditions we create now will be the memories we
 shall cherish forever.  Holiday traditions are
 meant to build bonds.  Thank you always...