Dec 26, 2020

Always On My Mind ~ DONE DECEMBER

 If you ask me how many times you have crossed my 
mind I would say once because you never really left...

I loved dressing Brutus up for all the different holidays.
  He didn't like it much, but he was not always running
 away.  he allowed me to fuss with him.  I miss him.

Sniff is an entirely different story.  He hates when 
I fuss with him and before you know it he scoots away.  
Sniff has his own holiday clothes, but I can't seem to ever 
be able to get him into them.  He runs like the devil.

Shadow was not scared, but he was constantly on
 the move.  It was always difficult to pin him down 
long enough to get him into holiday clothes.  Even so,
 I did manage to do it a few times.  He was so little.

So many memories Brutus.  I miss some days so 
very much.  I love our Sniff with all my heart, but 
you Brutus took a part of me with you.  You
 don't cross my mind.  You live in it.

You are always in my thoughts even when I am not thinking.
My cat came out of nowhere and became my everything.