Dec 23, 2020

That Time Of The Year ~

 During this season of giving, let us take
 time to slow down and enjoy the simple things...

The holidays are not always the best time of the 
year for all.  I understand that at the same time, I
 have always loved Christmas and no matter what we
 are living right now, it is nice to look forward to 
something and to have joy and excitement.

Even lockdown and Covid cannot stop the spirit 
of the people in the island.  They may not all have too much,
 but they never lack heart and joy.  My kind of people.

I was so looking forward to showing Arvid the
 places we frequented at Christmas when growing up in 
Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately because of Covid it is not set up.  
The lights were amazing.  At least as a child I thought so.

When you can wrap all the time
 together, remember it is Christmas...