Dec 13, 2020

Lockdown Sunday In Puerto Rico ~

We can't control everything that happens, but we
 can change our experience of those things...

 Lockdown every Sunday until January 7th when the 
governor gives out her new restrictions.  Come January 
there is also a change in governor in Puerto Rico.  

Both the current governor and the incoming
 governor are working together to keep the island safe. 
 As safe as possible under these circumstances. 
 Always hoping for the best yet to come.

We woke up to a sunny and warm day. same as 
yesterday, and just about everyday here in Puerto Rico.  
While Florida was going through a very cold spell, we in PR
are always having sunshine and warm weather.  Who knows
 maybe one day we will make it our permanent resident.

No eating out, not even going for a drive is allowed,
 unless of course one is willing to take the chance of being 
fined $500 and up.  So no.  Soccer, balcony is in store for us.  
Maybe a little walk in the complex this afternoon is good.

Sniff is happy we are not going to be going anywhere today. 
 He sleeps better and he is happier when we are around.

Arvid has lots of soccer games planned so he is happy
 as can be.  I guess that means I will be doing lots of reading 
today.  Not bad because I am in the process of finishing
 up a pretty good book.  Yup a perfect Sunday is here again.

Lockdown.  AKA home arrested.  Life during Covid times 😬

If you don't like the road you're 
walking, start paving another one...