Dec 1, 2020

December 1st 2020 ~ A New Month Begins ~

New month new goals, new beginnings, new start,
 new mindset, new focus, new intentions, new results..

 New month begins.  Last month of 2020.  The world 
anxiously awaits the end of this year, and we all hope
 that the new year will bring us a brighter future
 and better things, as in NO MORE COVID!

Arvid, Sniff and I have been in Puerto Rico for three
 months.  The way I see it, we need to go home fairly soon. 
 I told Arvid that we cannot be here longer than February, virus 
or no virus.  I need to go home and take care of a few things.  

We are definitely enjoying life here.  Love that my
 sister, Kimsy and J are around, and we get to see them 
at least once a week.  Makes being here even better.

Arvid and I have really gotten to know the area 
we live in.   Arvid knows how to get around the island 
as well as anyone else living here.  Arvid knows 
how to get around anywhere.  Period. 

Looking forward to better things to come.  December
is the month where miracles can happen, and the have.

Here in Puerto Rico we are having 75 degrees F. 
 The sun is out and we are pretending that we have snow.
  Sniff and I like seeing the snow fall.  Even if it's
 only pretend.  Happy 1st of December. 

For last months words belong to last month's
 language and next months words await 
another voice.  Happy New Month...