Dec 17, 2020

Oh Christmas Tree ~

 We may not be together in person on 
Christmas morning, but you'll be in my mind 
and in my heart.  You always are...

What's Christmas without a tree?  It's tradition.
  This is ours, and believe it or not Arvid is arranging
the lights.  Miracles never cease to happen.

Not your typical tree, but I really like it.  We have not 
had one in forever.  The last time was when Brutus was 
alive, but he tried to climb it.  End of Christmas trees.

Even little Sniff is loving the tree.  No leaves, 
no cleaning up of any mess.  Perfect for us.

Christmas in Puerto Rico.  Looking better
 everyday. I am missing seeing my parents for
 Christmas.  It's my mom's birthday. 

Christmas trees everywhere.  Nina in Florida has not
 put hers up as yet neither has family in Norway.

 Last year my parents were in Florida for almost 3 months.
  Now because of Covid-19 they won't be coming
 this winter.  Nor will we be seeing them 😢

It's been a long year.  Arvid has not seen his mother
 since summer of 2019.  At least I saw my parents in 😊
February of 2020.  Covid sure has made life difficult.

Happy Christmas.  The year we stayed home...