Dec 19, 2020

Saturday December 19th ~

 It's OK, the year will be over soon, just keep smiling...

I cannot believe how fast December has gone by. 
 In just a few more days it's goodbye 2020 🏃

I can tell our time is coming to an end here in 
Puerto Rico. Little excited to be going going home.
  Tons of doctors appointments, vet, dentist and lots
 I need to take care of, at the same time not too
 happy about leaving.  Caught in the middle.

When I look at pictures from home in Florida, 
then I miss it.  The above is sunset on the canal.
 Definitely not a shabby view either.  Home 😍

I continue to go for morning walks every so often. 
 "My" kitties are always waiting for me.  They know 
my schedule now.  Yesterday as we were coming 
back home my Shy Boy was waiting.  I always 
have food in the car , so he was fed again.

Sunrises here in Puerto Rico are always spectacular. 
 I will never get tired of them, and that is anywhere
they are beautiful always.  Same as the sunsets.

Good morning to all.  Make it a weekend 
to remember.  Not many left in 2020.

We are like a snowflake.  All different in our 
own beautiful way. Be happy, be bright, be you...