Dec 7, 2020

Monday December 7th ~

 It is not that we use technology, we live technology

Christmas is coming early for Arvid.  Today hopefully he
 get's to "see" his mother via Skype.  Technology, what a great
 "tool" 📞  Definitely has changed the world in so many ways. 
 Be it good or not so good. Love it or hate it.  It's here to stay.

The days are going by too fast.  Once the new week 
begins, it just flies.  Soon 2020 will be done and over with.  
Good riddance too. We all hope that once it's done and over,
 2021 will start with a bang of all things good for all of us.

It's that time of the year.  Christmas in Puerto Rico.

This is your Monday reminder that you
 can handle whatever this week throws at you...