Dec 25, 2020

Christmas Day ~ December 25th Mom Birthday

The greatest gift of all is to spend Christmas with those
 you love.  I think as you grow older your Christmas list gets
 shorter, because the things you want cant be bought...

 What makes this day even more special is
 the fact that today is our mom's birthday.  Aside 
from being the best mother a child could ever want, 
my mom is also our friend. our confidant
 and she listens to us like no one else.  

We all tend to forget at times that she also has
 issues in life, but because she's our mom she never 
lets on.  I have never in my so many years of life heard
 my mom complaining about how life is unfair.

  Trust me she has had a hard life and in all of that
 she never complained.  Together with my dad they 
sacrificed just about everything to give us a better life.  

Yes, that is what parents do, or should do, but this 
is about my mother, and no one would ever tell me
 that this woman is not a Saint.  Mom and dad "left"
 us in Guyana when we were very little.  

We were 4 little girls.  Later in life I understood 
their sacrifice.  As a child you wonder how could your 
parents do this.  Well if you had the life we did back then
 in Guyana, you would never ask or wonder.  We never
 lacked love, but my parents wanted more for us.  

They wanted us to have an education and to 
experience a life they never had.  We got that and
 more so much more. I could like a hundred lifetimes,
and I would never be able to repay all my
 parents did and continue to do for us.

My mom is the strength of our family.  In her
 quietness she spoke volumes.  Someone said never 
assume the loud is strong and the quiet weak. 
 There is NOTHING weak about my mother. 

 Her example in life has taught us that 
as women we are worth our weight in gold. 
As a child in school in Guyana the teacher asked
 the class who we admire most in the world. 

 Everyone had a "famous" person for their choice.  
For me it was always my mom and dad.  Has not
 changed one bit.  If kindness can change the
 world, then they have changed the world.

My mom puts everyone's needs before hers,
 something I try to get her to change.  I tell her she
 needs to now think of her and not everyone else.  But 
my mom is how she is, and I love that about her.

 It is what sets her apart in a world full mostly of 
greedy and selfish people. Not a day goes by that I am 
not thankful and grateful for having her as my mother.

Growing up we didn't have much.  Meaning 
material things.  What we had and continue to have
 are parents who loved and love us no matter our faults.
  How does it get any better than this.  If this is
 not all the richness we need in the world
 then I am not sure what is.

I am a happy, contented person because I was
 raised by  happy, caring, compassionate parents. 
 Some lessons in life last a lifetime.  What I have 
learnt from my parents is something that
 you can't get from any college.

  I am loved and I love them with all my heart.
Together we are family.  And as a family nothing 
can nor ever will break us.  We all have set backs, 
but that's life.  What matters is that we always 
comeback stronger and more united.

All because our family has a woman called 
Valerie Singh.  Her strength and fortitude is 
what we got from her, among other things.

I like it when my mother smiles. And I especially like 
it when I make her smile 😍 Happy birthday mommy.  From
 your five daughters, nine grandchildren, and our spouses.

Mothers and daughters together are
 a powerful force to be reckoned with...