Dec 4, 2020

Friday ~

 Don't wait for the perfect moment,
take the moment and make it perfect...

Friday is so different these days from what our "typical" 
Fridays used to be.  Back home it meant going to the 
DownTowner Of course Covid changed that.

We moved to Puerto Rico to "escape" Covid, but 
there is no escaping it.  Covid is everywhere and surging 
like crazy.  Compared to being in Fort Lauderdale,
 where we actually did nothing from mid March to 
August, Puerto Rico is our little paradise.

Since coming to Puerto Rico we have been able to 
eat out, walk around the beach, swim and have our Friday
 outings.  Now with the surge of cases, we have decided 
we need to be a little more cautious.  Compared to being
 in Florida, we are still doing great, and can still do many
 things we would not do back home in Florida.

I enjoy staying updated to what's happening around 
the world, and the fact that Arvid is Norwegian I always 
give him the latest news happening in Norway.  Just for fun. 

 Most times he just looks at me and says, "I don't really care,"
😲 but I still do it because after all he is Norwegian even
 though he is actually more Floridian than Norwegian.

Norway, home of our two little granddaughters and 
family.  So I think it's important that Arvid knows what's
 going on  in his homeland.  Thank you google.

I was in Norway once for Christmas.  It was white, 
cold but beautiful.  So much snow that year.

Christmas this year in Puerto Rico.  The governor
 of Puerto Rico had implemented tons of new restrictions.
  Puerto Rico is now on partial lockdown.  Again.

There are talks of a full lockdown as of January 1st, 
 only because if it were implemented now most would most 
likely violate it.  Due to the holidays.  Welcome to the 
world of Covid 19.  The new norm as it is known.

Governor Wanda Vazquez is considering several 
recommendations to control COVID-19, which
 include closing common spaces in shopping centers, 
using outdoor areas in restaurants, as well as guidelines 
to reduce the time consumers spend in supermarkets, 
pharmacies, and gas stations, among others.

The island of Puerto Rico is looking at another lockdown 
if the numbers keep going up.  All over the United States
 measures are being taken to control COVID-19,
 that is everywhere except the Sunshine State.

For now we feel safe and better being in Puerto Rico.
 Christmas is the island is a party, but this year nothing will 
be the same anywhere.  But for now we are enjoying the little
 freedoms we have in the middle of this terrible pandemic.

To all a happy day.  The month is already
 winding down.  Before you know it, it's Christmas 
day, and best of all my mom's birthday.

May you never be too grown up to
 search the skies on Christmas Eve...