Dec 29, 2020

Tuesday December 29th

 Some of the most powerful times are when we are alone...

It's very quiet here at home.  One person missing makes a 
huge difference, at the same time I am enjoying the quietness. 
 Not that Arvid is loud or anything of the sort, but there is always
 something going on with him.   I feel relaxed for now.

Morning walks continue.  Kitties are getting their
 foodies as usual.  Yesterday  morning only one of the 
twins showed up.  Was not happy about that.

Sniff is walking around looking for Avid.  They
 usually hang out in the office a lot and when they aren't, 
they are usually watching TV.  Well Arvid is and
 Sniff sleeps.  Sometimes they both sleep.

When Arvid called me yesterday the first thing he said 
was, "I'm freezing.  I want to come back to the nice warm weather." 
 He will get over it.  Florida had a cold spell and the apartment 
was chilly, but as he knows, it will warm up.

Sniff woke up looking everywhere for Arvid.  Now he 
refuses to eat.  You see in the mornings, Sniff  would not
 eat until Arvid gets out of the bedroom.  Now it's a waiting game. 
 Good morning all.  A beautiful day it is here in Puerto Rico.

I love that quiet time when nobody's up
 and the animals are all happy to see me...