Dec 18, 2020

Memories ~

Every man's memory is his private literature...

 Sometimes I stop and think, and I don't think 
we were always fair to our little Shadow.

He came into our lives just a few days after Brutus died. 
 Neither of us were ready to love him like he deserved, 
 But I know I loved him.  Maybe I could have loved
 and tried more, but I know I loved him. I did.

He was just so little so innocent.  He did not deserve to
die the way he did.  I may say I have moved on, but a part
 of me has not.  I will never be able to completely forgive the
 person who was supposed to take care of him, and didn't.
There is an anger in me that erupts every time I think of it.

 I look back and I know I never did anything wrong. 
 Shadow had everything he wanted and needed in those
 few short months we had him.  I even cooked him chicken 
breast and minced carrots because he had allergies.  Everyday
 he had home cooked meals, and he loved it a lot.

If there is a kitty heaven, I hope Shadow, Brutus, Reba,
 MacGuyver, Buddy, Lil Mister and my Tiger are playing 
together.  I hope they know that I think of them a lot.

Life goes on.  It waits for no one so just remember,
Enjoy good memories. But don't spend your remaining days
 here looking back, wishing for "the good old days

Sometimes the best memories are sad, because
 you know they will never happen again....