Dec 26, 2020

About Yesterday ~

 Life isn't perfect, but it sure has perfect moments...

Arvid says Christmas is not for him.  I say he's wrong,
 but Arvid has been this way since I met him.  I got used to it,
 not really but in a way yeah.  Yesterday we went to my sister
 Nirvana's home.  I made a few things and she made a few. 
 Among the things she made was a flan.  Arvid likes flan.

We got there and immediately Arvid's mood changed 😍.  
Once again he was cheerier and a little more into the Christmas 
spirit.  I really don't understand why he is so against Christmas, 
then he said it could be worse.  I could be cold and with snow.

I think  snow at Christmas is beautiful.  My sister
 Mala had snow.   A beautiful white Christmas for her and 
family. And to end it a trip to beautiful Niagara Falls.

We also got to "see" our granddaughters in Norway. 
 The cutes little girls.  Happy as can be.  Seeing
 them smile makes our hearts smile.

What started out for Arvid as a not so good day
 turned out to be a better day.  As for me I am still smiling
 because I was able to spend time with Nirvana and family. 
 I'm grateful and thankful for all of this happiness.

A beautiful day here in the island of enchantment.  Arvid's 
day is full of soccer, so he's busy. makes him happy.  Sniff is
sleeping and I will soon be reading my book.  happy times.

A good life is a collection of happy moments...