Dec 10, 2020

Vibes ~

It is the sweet simple things in life
 which are the real ones after all...

 Last night we went for a walk around the complex.  
I was happy again because it was another chance to feed
 "my" kitties.  Unfortunately, we didn't see any of them out. 
 We did spot a black one and of course I had food with
 me.  Let's just say she/he ate well last night.

It was a perfectly balmy and beautiful evening.  Many
 units in the complex were lit up and twinkling with 🎄
 Christmas lights. It brought back childhood memories.

Definitely another beautiful evening in Puerto Rico.

My sister is busy with remodeling her kitchen.  Arvid
 and I have tried to talk her and Kimsy into dinner several 
times now, unfortunately we have not been successful.

  Kimsy is in Florida visiting J and still we can't get my
 sister Nirvana to commit to going and having dinner with us.  
Arvid said, "don't give up."  I guess I have to keep trying 😂.

The above is the start of sunset from our balcony,
and below the sunrise from my morning walks.  Either one, 
beautiful and I am so grateful I get to see them everyday.

Sunset on the beach.  Happy that we have it so close to us.

Sniff has been acting up a little lately.  I'm considering
 taking taking him to the vet, but then he is back to being his
 usual self.  Very stressful moments he gives me.  Arvid says 
I am over reacting, but when it comes to Sniff, I think not.

Soon it will be Christmas Day.  A very 
different Christmas this year for the world.

To all a happy day.  The week is almost over. 
 I read this the other day.  Something to think about:

2020 has actually been the best year of 
your life.   You've faced challenge after challenge, 
you've adapted, and you've overcome.  2020
 has forced you to grow exponentially.  
Don't take that for granted.

Gratitude helps you see what is there, instead of 
what isn't.  There is beauty in simplicity...