Dec 5, 2020

Saturday December 5th~

 What I like about photographs is that they capture a 
moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce...

Earlier this week Arvid and I made a new furry friend. 
 For some reason he choose to come to our table and no 
one else's.  He sat quietly under the table, every so often 
rubbing against Arvid's legs.  We enjoyed this outing even 
more because of our furry friend. and yes he ate very well.

He was patient.  Never moved never cried just
 stared at us with those big eyes.  We are suckers for kitties.
  Both of us.  He was adorable and I named him little head.

  Arvid and I checked out a new place.  Not far from us.
 All open spaces, exactly what we liked.  Thanks to
 my sister Nirvana for telling us about it.  

She, J and Kimsy were there a few days before us,
 I saw the pictures and knew we had to check it out.
 Sure looking forward to soon going back. 

I just happen to like this bridge.  Not famous or anything.

Arvid, Sniff and I are having a great time in this beautiful island.

Everyday we tell ourselves how lucky we are to be living here.

Not sure what the day old, but whatever it is, I am
 grateful. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Saturday. 
 Enjoy with your loved ones, at the same time keep your
 distance.  Covid-19 does not discriminate 😷.

Happy Saturday.  Make time for the
little things that bring you joy today...