Dec 30, 2020

Wednesday December 30th ~

 A cat purring on your lap is more healing than
 any drug in the world, as the vibrations you are
 receiving are of pure love and contentment...

Ever since Arvid left for Florida Sniff has not been 
the same.  They say animals get depressed when their
 loved ones are gone.  I have proof that this is the case.  

Sniff is depressed.  He just sits by the door to the office 
waiting for Arvid.  he has not eaten much since Arvid left. 
 I have given him an appetite stimulant, but still nothing.

He just lays all day long in the same spot and never even
 moves,  He only uses the litter pan once in a 24 hour span.
 Of course I am a little concerned abut this.  On the other hand 
he does not look like he's sick either.  Just depressed.

I tried to bribe him with treats.  Didn't work.  He never
 even went close to it.  After a while I had to clean it up. 

 This morning I did mention the word brushing. 
 His all time favorite.  he didn't move, but then I 
showed him the brush and that got him excited.
Arvid also called and talked to him a little.

I managed to brush him among all his toys.  He was
 happy to be brushed.  Brushing is something he gets 
everyday sometimes up to 10 minutes depending on 
how long he, Sniff will sit. Brushing he really loves.

My guess is that I am doing much better than Sniff.
 He misses Arvid too much and because of that his entire 
demeanor is different. Seeing him this way, I just hate
 to think how he must be when we are both gone.

That being said it's a beautiful day here.  Had my walk.
  Kitties were fed all is good.  Hope to go to the beach 
a little this afternoon for a walk. I love being here.

No matter how bad your day is,
 your cat will always make you smile...