Dec 8, 2020

Tuesday In Puerto Rico ~

Happiness is taking pictures and making memories..

 There are so many things I love about mornings.
  In Puerto Rico I love my morning walks, and the fact
 that I get to watch the sunrise just about everyday. 

 I also get to see my feral kitties and feed them all 
of this while enjoying the beautiful sights and fresh air. 
 I am definitely in Paradise. Grateful and thankful.

There has been some rain just about everyday.  If I'm lucky,
 it falls early in the morning before I have to go walking.
  Unfortunately, lately I have not been so very lucky.

The other day Arvid and I were out having lunch and
 after each customer leaves the tables, chairs everything 
 are always cleaned.  But that day we say that the waiter had 
a batter operated bottle filled with alcohol to spray everything
 down. Was the coolest thing.  We stayed back to watch.

Here in Puerto Rico life sure is interesting.  Always 
something going on, and for those who know Arvid and I,
 there is never a moment when we are not staying busy.

Tuesday already.  Whatever the day holds, do it with a smile.

This is just thrown in there as food for thought.
  A friend posted it, and it made me laugh, yet it's not funny.

Here in Puerto Rico it is a sunny day.  Very warm also.
Christmas in the tropics, it sure is a happy time of the year.

Make sure your life is full of happy memories to the end..