Dec 11, 2020

Friday Vibes ~

Change is the only constant in life...

 No rain this morning, made for a nice early walk and the
 opportunity to see a little of the sunrise in between the clouds.

Fed the kitties and at the same time there were several
 newborns.  One thing I DISLIKE about the island is
 the amount of homeless cats and dogs everywhere. 

 I wish I could help them all, but I can only do so much. 
 The kitties wait for me, but they only "allow" me to get
 so close.  One step too close and they scoot away.

We continue to enjoy time on the balcony.  With all
 the new restrictions in Puerto Rico, we are not allowed 
to go anywhere on Sundays unless it is essential.

Seems like we are back to where we started off.  Isolation,
 isolation.  I just hope we will be able to see my sister, J and 
Kimsy for Christmas.  Covid has changed the way life was.

The sunrise is still there.  Everyday the sky lights up differently.
The start of the weekend.  Stay safe and enjoy.  

Sometimes the things we can't change end up changing us...