Dec 9, 2020

Wednesday December 9th ~

 A year ago I never would have guessed
 life would be the way it is now... 😭

This kitty seems to be telling us exactly how things 
are today.  Life has changed and unless you get the go 
ahead you cannot go into any establishments.  

You need to be checked and sanitized.  Now even 
more than before.  Welcome to Covid life 😷.

Wednesday, and time files.  Soon time to go home. 
I'm OK with that, at the same time I am really worried
 about my feral kitties.  Who will care for them?

Happy day all.  The boys slept in toady.  Again 😍

A year ago everything was different.  And now that 
I look back I realize that a year can do a lot to a person...