Dec 2, 2020

Wednesday December 2nd ~

 You are that break in the clouds that let s the sun
 shine through.  Happy birthday in heaven 💗...

Today a very special person celebrates his birthday
 💕in heaven.  Happy birthday Paul Michael Riley. 
 You will always hold a special place in my heart.

 To this day I can picture your smile and I hear your 
laughter.  I loved you with all my heart and for the
 time we had together I will forever be grateful.

Losing you was one of the hardest and most
 unfortunate moments in my life, and I can't say 
that knowing you are in heaven brings me comfort. 
 Because don't know that.  Al I can say is thank you
 for the life we shared. It was a wonderful time.
Thank you for your part in my journey 💙.

Today I am very happy with Arvid.  I cannot picture
 life without him.  It is strange how life takes you in so 
many directions.  Years ago I could not imagine falling in 
love again.  Today I cannot imagine life without Arvid.

I still have moments of grief and I sometimes wonder what 
could have been, but I am happy and nothing will change that. 
After losing Paul, it took a long time before I was "OK,"  though 
I still have some flashbacks, I am now at peace with it. 

 Losing Brutus, I'm still not at peace with that. 
 Nor with losing Shadow.  Having Sniff in our life
 is a blessing and for that I am grateful.

What life has taught me is that there is always 
always something to be grateful for.  My sister's neighbor 
will soon be burying her son who died due to Covid.  I am
 not sure how a parent can ever get over the loss of a child.
 My heart is not at ease because I feel that anguish. I am 
not sure many will understand, but my heart knows.

Not sure what our day hold, but I know that we have
 it better than so many.  For than I am grateful.

December 2nd is already starting out as another warm
 and beautiful day.  Best of all we are in Puerto Rico,
 and I have my sister and Kimsy close by.  I love it.

When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment
 goes out and the tide of love rushes in...