Dec 3, 2020

Thursday December 3rd ~

We dream in colors borrowed from the sea...

As the writing in the sand says, I am thankful.
  Thankful for life, for my loved ones and for the opportunity
 to be able to live in Puerto Rico once again.  My childhood
 home, where the kindest people on earth live, and 
of course where my sister and Kimsy are.

Arvid and I took a walk along the beach hoping to catch 
the sunset.  We got some of it.  I can't believe we go walking 
on the beach on a regular basis.  For many this is the "norm"
 but us, we who live in Fort Lauderdale and have beaches at our 
doorsteps, we have never ever done that in over 10 plus years.

I an happy because Arvid is loving Puerto Rico as well.

In other parts of the country-world.

Meanwhile here in Puerto Rico we are having warmth and sunshine.

To all a happy day.  Stay warm and stay safe.

The days are getting colder, have a warm heart...