Dec 15, 2020

Tuesday December 15th ~

 If the only prayer you ever say in your 
entire life is thank you, it will be enough...

This is how my mornings begin.  An early 
morning walk,  sunrises, feral kitties.  Simple
 things which make me the happiest.  Life is simple 
it's us who usually tend to make it complicated.

Then it's back to Arvid, Sniff and my cafe.  Could
 not be any better.  Love our life and would not trade 
it for anything in the world.  Just the simple things.

The other day Sniff refused to use the litter, he's
 still having issues about it so Arvid decided to dig into
 the sand in order to get him to use it.  Arvid used to do the same
 with Brutus.  It didn't work right away, but eventually after 
some more digging on Arvid's side, Sniff did it.

Sniff is on the moody side these last few days.  
Some days he eats, other days we beg him to eat, but
 he's happy and is having a good time through it all.  

I told him we were going to take him to the vet, 
and suddenly he was "good" again.  Didn't last long, 
will see how he is this week.  Never a dull moment.

The simple things are also the most extraordinary
 things, and only the wise can see them...

The secret to a good morning is to
 watch the sunrise with an open heart...