Dec 21, 2020

Monday December 21st ~

Today's a new day.  It's your day.  You shape it.
Don't let it be shaped by someone's else's ignorance or fear...

Hello winter solstice.  The shortest day and the 
longest night of the year.  I found some pictures of when
we were in Branson.  So very cold.  Arvid could not
 wait to get back to the warmth and sunshine.

We are now in sunny and warm Puerto Rico.  No snow
 for us, although I did really like it.  I really enjoyed
 Branson, and there are days I miss it very much.

Hopefully next summer we will be able to visit.
As for now, a new week begins.  Life in Puerto Rico is still
 better right now than it would be in Florida.  At least for
 us it is.  We have a little more wiggle room here.

Christmas is just a few days away.  My thoughts
 have been in so many places, but they always 
come back to the same place "person 💛"

Sniff is so attached to Arvid that even Arvid is worried 
about what he, Sniff would do when he, Arvid goes to Florida. 
 Arvid to me, "you have to tell me what he does"  Yes,
 Arvid just like me is also very attached to Sniff.

Happy Monday all. Make this day a day to remember.

Every morning starts a new page in your story.
Make it a great one today and everyday...